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Yes Campaign

Voices for Impact project

Raised $360,000

Raised $360,000

Coordinating a national campaign for Yes

Australia’s history is rich and unique and begins with 65,000 years of continuous cultural connection to our land. Yet our now 122-year-old constitution still doesn’t recognise the Australians that were here first, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In the lead-up to this year’s Referendum, Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition is enabling all Australians to be a part of this historic opportunity through a national Indigenous-led campaign: Yes 23.

There is deep goodwill and support for Constitutional Recognition through a Voice. Few voters disagree it’s time we finally recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our Constitution. Voters also agree that recognition should be simple and practical, and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should have a say over laws that specifically affect them. Voters also want affirmation that other Australians like them support this proposal and will vote ‘Yes’.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for legacy and impact, and the need is immediate in order to secure the foundations for building momentum and confidence in this nationally important campaign.


Your support will enable First Nations leaders to build a national community of supporters advocating for lasting and meaningful change through on-the-ground conversations.



Project activities


AICR’s work this year includes the development of a strategic communications plan (encompassing creative and mass communications, narrative and messaging, earned and paid media), government relations, and on-the-ground conversations, all underpinned and informed by detailed research and insights.

The campaign will be rolled out through a tightly coordinated set of actions across multiple channels:

  • Advertising and paid media: Creative identity, advertising production, paid media strategy
  • Field operations: Organising and mobilising in communities across Australia
  • Indigenous field engagement: Grassroots community organising and content development
  • Earned media: National and grassroots media
  • Digital and media amplification: Maintenance of digital assets and engagement
  • Government relations and policy: Ongoing engagement with Government, Coalition and Crossbench

To support the campaign, AICR is convening the Yes Alliance – a growing network of organisations and supporters. The Alliance encompasses many committed First Nations-led organisations and community groups, and allies.


A defining feature of AICR’s work is a Capacity Fund, managed by AICR and administered by Australian Communities Foundation, to provide funding for Yes Alliance partners to build their capacity and undertake aligned campaign activities on the ground in their own communities.

About the organisation

Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition (AICR) is the key fundraising and organising vehicle in the campaign for Constitutional Recognition through a Voice to Parliament. As the governing body of the Yes Alliance, AICR is responsible for developing strategy and execution of the national on-the-ground campaign.

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Voices for Impact
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