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Granting ideas for July 2024

Australian Communities Foundation receives funding proposals from a wide range of organisations through our Granting Opportunties platform. See below for this month’s granting recommendations from our Grants Team.

Leveraging the capacity of First Nations groups to oppose fossil fuel developments

Saltwater People’s Alliance

The Saltwater People’s Alliance (SPA) is a national initiative formed to support First Nations people in opposing offshore fossil fuel developments. They seek ongoing funding to grow their core capacity to extend their work with more First Nations People, creating an international solidarity movement that centres First Nations voices on saving oceans and climate from destructive imbalance. Read more

Breaking Silence: A short film project addressing domestic, family and sexual violence

Harman Foundation

“Breaking Silence” is a unique short film project that aims to enhance social outcomes for residents in The Hills Local Government Area (NSW) by building awareness and empathy for survivors of domestic, family and sexual violence. It offers a fresh perspective by exploring the cultural barriers, stigma and challenges that survivors face, to spark conversations, challenge social norms and foster inclusivity within the community.
Read more

Bulotj: Mentoring First Nations youth to grow strong

Nalderun Education

Nalderun is a small grassroots Aboriginal-run and led organisation that focuses on education for First Nations youth and their families in the Liyanganyuk Banyul region of Djaara Country (Mount Alexander Shire, Victoria). Through Bulotj, they create empowering education and employment opportunities for their young people to grow strong and proud, through connection to Community, Country and Culture. Read more

Responding to future humanitarian displacement crises

Refugee Council of Australia

Over the past few years, Australia’s current Refugee and Humanitarian Program has had different responses to emergency humanitarian crises, creating uneven and unpredictable measures that cause gaps in critical support areas such as health, education and employment for displaced individuals. The Refugee Council of Australia is seeking funding to support a client-centred, needs-based model and framework for Australia’s emergency humanitarian entry response, to replace the current ad hoc efforts to ensure that needs are met and there would be better coordination and use of resources. Read more

Djilang Cultural Film Collective: Support young creators from diverse refugee backgrounds to capture their own unique life stories

Bluebird Foundation

The Djilang Cultural Firm Collective (DCFC) is a group of young people aged 18-25 from refugee backgrounds, living in North Geelong and making films that capture their own stories. DCFC provides training and an artistic outlet for participants to express important community stories, reach out and grow as artists. Read more

Public Policy Editor to provide better information that supports greater civic engagement

The Conversation

The Conversation aims to scale the impact of their journalism by hiring a Canberra-based Public Policy Editor, who can engage closely with public service and politicians and follow discussions about policies and key issues in Parliament House. The editor would identify opportunities where The Conversation can work with academics to share research and expertise with policymakers and a wider audience, encouraging a more engaged and discerning citizenry. Read more

Looking for other granting ideas? Find a wide range of funding proposals on our Granting Opportunities platform. Filter by location, focus area and target population to find a project that aligns with your funding interests.